We are currently open for poetry submissions.

We require submissions to a minimum of 45 poems / pages and the publishing schedule is approximately 16-24 weeks from agreement of contract (not submission). We are a small publisher, so it can take up to 4 weeks to respond to submissions, although we aim to be quicker than this. Publication date will depend on current workload, significant dates in the calendar, and existing releases. We will work together to agree a publication date.

Our terms are 50/50 split on net royalties received from whatever source, and we give you 40% off RRP for personal stock (no royalty is due on these books). Books retail for £8.99 as standard in our Modern Poetry series.

We will not normally publish more than one poetry title in any month, so we are limited to 12 titles per year maximum.

We will consult with you on a front cover, but the final decision will rest with Wordcatcher, and cover designs will fit into our house style. Please look at our Poetry titles so you can see how this looks. All poetry titles are 6"x9" format.

We will expect you to write a back cover blurb.

You will be expected to sign an exclusive publishing contract - this does not assign copyright to us, only publishing rights.

Your work may have been previously published, and you will be expected to advise us of when and where this was, so we can make a judgement on whether we want to publish the collection. You must have permission to publish your work with us, so if there were conditions attached to any prior publication we need to know what they were. This condition may also limit your ability to post your work on Facebook, blogs, etc, as you would need to seek confirmation from us prior to such publication.

Just to be clear, there is no charge from us for publishing poetry in this series.

Please send your submissions to david@wordcatcher.com, and allow up to 6 weeks for a response before you follow-up.