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Will Llawerch

Will Llawerch

About the author

Born at the foot of the Esclusham Hills, History was always a passion and he loved Creative Writing, later still, he studied English Literature at Yale 6th Form College in Wrexham, a foundation which saw him in good stead in 1996 when he attended a 2 year HND GNVQ in Performing Arts.

He is a big fan of Shakespeare & George Middleton's Jacobian texts as well as the classics of Oscar Wilde, Chekhov &Tennesee Williams.

In 1997, Will was invited to live alone in a reproduction Iron Age Village for 3 weeks as part of an archaeological experiment.

in 2010, after 10 years as an actor in Canada, Will was cast as Principal Lead in "Boy" directed by Matty Groves. The film won a Royal Television Award.

In 2010 Will opened his first business "Rent-a-Celt" which is still going strong. He takes Full Day Visits Nationwide to KS 2,3 & 4 classes teaching British Pre-history & Iron Age Celts. Until recently, he was the only person representing the entire 10,000 years of British pre-history to the children as part of the curriculum.

Always hovering in the background was writing. He wrote his first book aged 8 but didn't come back to writing until 1999 when he wrote the first manuscript of "Caradoc's Last Stand".

Since then he has become one of Wales' up and coming new writers specialising in Historical Action Adventures notably his Children's short stories.

Besides his writing work, he continues to travel internationally teaching English online to Private students and Groups of students from all over the world. Specialising in IELTS & CAE preparation.



Will Llawerch


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