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Fortune in the Follow-Up

Tracey Smolinski

Wordcatcher Publishing



Whether you join a business network or attend free networking meetings, you are wasting your time and effort if you fail to follow-up on your conversations. Too often people make promises such as: 'I'll get back to you on that', 'I'll email you as soon as I'm back in the office', or 'I'll pop it in the post'. But they don't follow through with the promise. What does that say about them as a business person? Reliable? Trustworthy? Efficient? Someone to do business with? No, none of the above.

The fortune is truly in the follow-up. People who make a promise, and keep it, consistently win more business than those who simply farm business cards at a meeting to add to an impersonal mailing list or, worse still, make promises and never get in touch again.

Be a smart networker and find your fortune in the follow-up.

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