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The Whispering Wood

Time to Sleep Stories

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Take a relaxing walk through the beautiful, magical Whispering Wood in this tranquil Time to Sleep Story. It is written specifically to help your child drop off to sleep at bedtime. The story gives your child’s imagination a landscape to explore as they enter the wood and follow the winding paths with leaves crunching beneath their feet. Hear the sound of birdsong in the air and the wind rustling through the tree tops. A gurgling, bubbling stream adds to the gentle ambience while a sea of bluebells covers the woodland floor. Their sweet fragrance fills the air as you imagine their tiny flowers tinkling with the sound of distant bells. As the walk progresses, the Whispering Wood reveals more secrets. The friendly wood gnomes come out to play. They lead the way beneath an ancient oak tree to their secret underground railway. The story ends with a ride on their steam train as it clickety-clacks its way through green tunnels beneath the woodland above, travelling off to the land of sweet dreams...


Product Format: Paperback

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