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Squirrel's New Boat

Time to Sleep Stories

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Take a relaxing journey down the gently flowing river in this tranquil Time to Sleep Story written especially to help your child drop off to sleep at bedtime. The story gives your child's imagination a landscape to explore as they sail down the river with Squizzer Squirrel in his new boat. The river flows through water meadows full of fragrant scented wild flowers whilst the sky is full of birdsong as the sun shines down and a gentle breeze ripples the clear water of the river. As the voyage continues, the sailing boat ties up on the riverbank and Squizzer Squirrel plays a 'Tune to the Wind' on his guitar. The journey ends with a visit to Hootie, the wise owl who lives in an old timbered barn on Tall Trees Farm. Here he sings a gentle lullaby in his own special owl language as your child drifts off to sleep, travelling to the land of sweet dreams.


Product Format: Paperback

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