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Sizzle Saves the Day

Time to Sleep Stories

Lightning Source POD



Take a flight on the back of a friendly dragon through the majestic Welsh mountains in this relaxing Time to Sleep Story written especially to help your child drop off to sleep at bedtime. The story gives your child's imagination a landscape to explore as they meet Sizzle the Dragon in his cave on the steep slope of a mountain, deep in the Welsh countryside. Sizzle shares his cave with hundreds of honey bees that live in hives looked after by an old beekeeper called Goronwy. The bees hum away dreamily as they buzz around collecting the nectar from the wild mountain flowers. The story ends with a dragon flight as you soar through the clear skies with the valleys and mountains far below. The gentle flapping of Sizzle's huge wings and the gentle rocking motion of his body feels just like sailing in a boat across the ocean, sailing off to the land of dreams.


Product Format: Paperback

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