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Melody Snowdrop

Time to Sleep Stories

Lightning Source POD



A walk through a forest of tall pine trees late at night starts this relaxing Time to Sleep Story written especially to help your child drop off to sleep at bedtime. The story gives your child's imagination a dreamy canvas to explore as they take shelter in a cosy cave from a sudden snowstorm. The cave belongs to Melody Snowdrop, a magical winter sprite who rides through the snowy skies on the back of her gleaming white unicorn, Majesty. As the story unfolds, Melody is trapped in her cave by naughty Ferdinand Frost, the son of Jack Frost, because he does not want winter to end and tries to stop Spring from arriving. Melody is so grateful for your help in escaping that she takes you for a wonderful flight through the sparkling sky on Majesty's back. The unicorn flight is so relaxing you are soon heading for the land of sweet dreams and gentle sleep.


Product Format: Paperback

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