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Revelation An Exploration of Life Through Poetry

Sue Lochead-Lane

Lightning Source POD



CHAPTER 1 : REVELATION I begin at the end of my writing, as these are mostly my later poems. They came to me in deeper moments, meditative states or sometimes even just out of the blue demanding attention to be written down. They reflect my spiritual journey through life, influenced by my study of, Esoteric Philosophy and Spirituality, Christian Hermeticism, Perennial Wisdom and The Divine Feminine. They give meaning and make sense of my life’s journey, and in sharing them with others I hope to give an insight into a way of looking at life that may be useful to those who are also ‘Independent Spiritual Seekers’. CHAPTER 2 : SHORT POEMS These are just short and sweet and often fun, and can reveal a lot in a few words. Ideas and thoughts that come in a moment and can have more depth than originally observed. They are about love, sadness and the passage of time, in a nutshell. CHAPTER 3 : NATURE AS INSPIRATION Based on the idea that what draws our eye and our attention, is what we need to observe in the world in order to know ourselves, ‘nature as inspiration’ is a perfect palette of opportunity. The burgeoning of spring flowers, the harbinger of hope and new beginnings, or deeply observing a plant or flower, can uncover the secrets of its existence, and are perfect mirrors to the soul. They can tell us through revelation, more than any intellectual analysis, what we are seeking or trying to uncover or express. They can reveal to us something we need to witness, from which we can then transform and move forward. CHAPTER 4 : PILGRIMAGE These poems or writings are what I experience when I am open to a channelled level of consciousness. The words that reveal themselves have a totally different quality to my ‘own’ writings. They do not come from my own conscious mind and experience of life, but are a message that comes from a sphere full of compassion and understanding, and of unconditional love and support. I experience these moments when I enter the physical space of representations of the so-called ‘Black Madonnas’ and the Virgin Mary and focus on what they represent. These messages are very personal to my own experience, but I also feel they are universal in their appeal and are for all to hear. I have shared them with like minded people and in this anthology bring them to a wider audience. CHAPTER 5 : MANY & VARIOUS This is a collection of my early poems and are descriptive in nature based on the everyday things of life like Kitchen Cupboards, memories of friends, travel, visits to art galleries, and world events. These poems taught me about the magic of words and how they could form not just a framework for an idea but through the spaces between the words, reveal the unseen in the ordinary, the hidden gem in the everyday passing of time. CHAPTER 6 : VILLANELLES Villanelles are fun to do. There are rules to follow which give the poem a repetitive structure, and I have found when there is apparently nothing to say, something comes forth through the shape of the Villanelle, that can be surprising and has a life of its own. I don’t often use this form, but when I do, I always feel I should explore it more often.


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