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Sue Lochead-Lane


About the author

Sue Lochead-Lane has been writing poetry over a period of 20years. Her poetry is mostly soul searching and spiritual in content, as well as drawing on life experience and nature for inspiration.

She was born in Liverpool in 1948, but spent her childhood in East Africa, and some of her poetry reflects that upbringing. She finished her education in England and went onto to train in Dress Design and Manufacture, which led onto working in Interior Design in later life.

She lived in Paris, France for four years from ’68-’72 working as an Au Pair and Nanny to learn French and having mastered French worked for some time in the Fashion Industry in Paris. In 1973 she went to live and work in Johannesburg, South Africa with her first husband. In 1975 she returned to Britain and joined the BBC in Manchester working first in Radio Production and then in 1978 moved onto Television Production becoming one of only a handful of women television directors at the time, making films, producing television series and specialising in directing live television.

In 1985 Sue went through a transformative experience that changed her whole perspective on life, and she has spent the second half of her life dedicated to studying Esoteric Philosophy and Spirituality, Christian Hermeticism, Perennial Wisdom and The Divine Feminine. This became the major underlying influence in her poetry.

In 1988 having married for a second time, Sue had a child and decided to leave her career at the BBC to become a full-time mum. She and her husband and son started family life in Macclesfied Cheshire but soon moved around the country following her husband’s work in East Sussex and North Norfolk. Once her son was at secondary school she started working part-time as a Gardener and Interior Designer.
Whilst in Norfolk she also did a Creative Writing Course for a year, which gave her the grounding to start writing poetry. She had previously trained as a Counsellor and now also trained as a Spiritual Director with the Diocese of Norwich.. In later years these skills have enabled Sue to specialise in helping parents of Trans-Gender children with on-line counselling, and she recently spoke at a Trans-Conference at the University of Aberystwyth on the role and journey of parents of trans children.

The pattern of her life has been constant change on which she has thrived. On retirement in 2008, she and her husband spent two years living as continuous cruisers on a 57’ narrowboat, exploring the canal network in England and Wales. She is currently living with her husband in Machynlleth in mid-wales, returning to the area of many family holidays. She frequently returns to France on pilgrimage and holidays and all these experiences are reflected in her poetry.

Sue has had poems published in Caduceus magazine, several collections of poetry, as a result of participating in Poetry readings and festivals, & won a Waterstones competition for best poem.



Sue Lochead-Lane


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