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The Neem Tree

Sarada Thompson

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Under the neem tree, a baby is born, destined for greatness through an ordinary life. Neem’s parents perform the lowliest of jobs for their village, outcast and ostracized, forced to live outside society. Even in complete poverty, Neem flourishes under her parents’ love, shielded from the cruelness of the society who deems them untouchable. She plays in the shade of the neem tree, confiding her thoughts to the tree, which nurtures and protects her, an ever-steady presence in a life full of challenges. Neem can’t stay innocent forever and she is faced with the harshness of society in a shocking way, resulting in the death of her parents. By a twist of fate, she is adopted by a respected devadesi and grows up beloved in a cultured, wealthy household. Her foster mother teaches her many skills, including the arts of the devadesi, and Neem’s accomplishments and beauty lead her to the Maharajan’s palace. The Neem Tree follows Neem’s life to the Royal Palace and back to her native village, through danger to motherhood, the achievements of her children, their tragedies and their happiness. Neem’s spirituality forms and grows, supporting and nurturing her family through many difficult times, just as the Neem Tree supports and nurtures her. From Neem’s humble beginnings will grow an extraordinary woman of great wisdom, spirit and humility


Product Format: Paperback

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'I thought to send a brief feedback as I am now half way through reading 'The Neem Tree'. I rarely ever read anything outside of books on Buddhism so it s been a slow start. ( my only gear of late but ...) I had a rest following the kama sutra description (?) }:‑)(*_*)but recovered to find SUCH DRAMA which is gripping! Wow. I m happy for you that you managed to keep all your Southern India terms in - had I managed a Welsh piece wanting to convey the culture I would want the same. I eventually , possibly wanting to move at pace with the story line did not give full attention to all the words, but am fascinated and glad of some all the while being sprinkled with them ALL, doing what you so passionately intended. Looking forward to the second half. ' - Sandra Jones - email 20/5/2019

'I just wanted to say how much I loved The Neem Tree. I was waiting to tell you in person last Wednesday but then I was ill and couldn't come, and I'll be in Crete next month so won't see you then either. So I couldn't wait any longer to congratulate you on it. Having heard extracts from it at our meetings it was so special to see how it all comes together. You paint such beautiful scenes in the novel with such gorgeous writing. Congratulations again - I can't wait to read your next one' Wendy White – Facebook PM Message

Amazon maria rocke 5.0 out of 5 starsA very interesting enjoyable book 1 May 2019 Format: Paperback Beautifully written evocative piece which embraces and highlights the colourful histories penned in this book. I enjoyed this book and the different threads which are woven through it.

Amazon Geoff 5.0 out of 5 starsExcellent tale 7 January 2019 Format: Paperback Great sort-of-political story spanning generations of an Indian family.

'What a fascinating account.' JM James Morgan - Temple Arts Wales - FB

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