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Gathering Anthology / Collection / Ensemble - Together As One

Ross Lane

Lightning Source POD



Anthology - Poems by my Several Selves: 'An anthology of poetry is traditionally a collected work by various writers and, in a sense, that is exactly what this book is. We are all different people at many junctions in our lives. We are moulded and shaped by the people, places and events that leave their fingerprints and footprints on our souls, and as such we change and evolve, losing sometimes our perspective but at the same time gaining another.' Collection - An Intentional Collection of Poetry: 'There is rarely an end to a collection, itself being the action or process of collecting someone or something into a place to be cherished, observed, reviewed and displayed. This is my first intentional collection of poetry, a selection of work that gathers further memories of people, places, events and dreams.' Ensemble - All the Parts Working Together: 'Through the writing of this collection I became fixated upon the concept of an ensemble, how it was all the parts of a thing taken together for consideration in relation only to the whole. This expanded my subject matter and areas of life that I wanted to explore. I loved the concept that even the tiniest pieces of memory and life had a significant impact on who we are as a whole, who we have become and who we aspire to be.'


Product Format: Paperback

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