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Fly-Tipping Dusting Off Memories

Ross Lane

Lightning Source POD



“Fly Tipping” is the fourth poetry collection by Ross Lane. This collection is from a poet who has come to terms with the conception of self, its joys, limitations and agonies. It is also a collection from a poet who has become fixated upon time and its effects upon our lives. Ross’ concept that poets “fly tip” their memories through the process of catharsis comes across very strongly within the work, along with his thoughts and feelings around what the true impacts of time, then, now and to come, have upon us. Ross refers to time as “the single omnipresent shadow of all life,” a challenging force that we can either yield or stand firm against. In this collection he lays out his thoughts on this, the importance of having “meaning” in life and the cyclical nature of emotional existence.


Product Format: Paperback

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