Rex Greenwood

Rex Greenwood was a fun loving man with a wicked sense of humour who took his fascination of Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula to heart! He used the characters he portrayed and his creative mind to entertain people of all ages. Taking great pleasure in seeing the smiles spread across their faces and hearing their laughter. Moving to Whitby in North Yorkshire, birth place of Stoker’s story Rex brought the character to life as he wandered the winding streets of the old town dressed all in black. Visitors would often stop and stare. When he saw them he would say hello, flashing his purpose built ‘Dracula’ fangs and laughing wickedly. Rex originally wrote Dracula – The Untold Story in 1985 to some success as there is a large following for the Count.

Unfortunately, he also fought throat cancer for many years, until finally losing the battle in 2004.
Rex was a strong advocate for local charities, often working to raise funds especially for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Because of this, his family have worked with Author Ann Brady to reissue an updated version of his Dracula story. All proceeds are to go to the Charity in Rex’s name.