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The Abertump Uprising

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The Soviet Republic of Abertump

Growing in confidence, but fed up with a lack of progress in bringing communism to Abertump, Horatio Evans decides to declare the town an independent soviet socialist republic. He, as its leader, decides to emulate Karl Marx by creating a reading room behind Jones Emporium, (the ironmonger), in which to find inspiration. However, he finds hes the only one whos looking for inspiration.

The rest of the town seem quite content, thank you. How will he stir up the populace and persuade them to revolt? Horatio enlists the aid of the communist parties of London, Moscow, and East Berlin in his push for revolution. He hides his full intentions from Abertump Town Council under the guise of twinning it with Berlin. A group of six men set off for the German capital in an ancient Austin A35 van to make contact with real communists, but fail to get very far.

How Horatio extricates himself from the failed uprising is a stroke of sheer genius.

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