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Disaster in His Wake

Ray Noyes

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The Making of Horatio Evans Ardent communist, defender of the proletariat, and bin man, Horatio is convinced he has a calling to transform the village of Abertump and wake it from its sleep. Self-appointed leader of men, his confidence knows no bounds, even when disaster stares him in the face. From school expulsion to army court martial, he seems destined to confront authority. His desire to go his own way leads to some DIY disasters as he sets up his own Kremlin in his tiny terraced house. Using cast-offs from the village and sand from the beach, his lean-to quickly becomes a dangerous lean-over. His problem-solving skills also leave much to be desired, as he cuts a wardrobe in half to move it upstairs, and fits a new fireplace while the old one is still alight. Follow Horatio’s exploits and spare a thought for Gladys, his permanently-on-the-verge-of-death wife.


Product Format: Paperback

Customer Reviews (3)


A very funny must read. Can't wait for book number 2!

There is a danger that, even after having finished this hilarious book, and finished laughing for the nth time, you might burst out laughing again, uncontrollably, if you just happen to think back to the antics of dear ol' Horatio. This is a warm hearted and somewhat affectionate little fiction, which stirs one to wonder, amongst the laugh-out-loud exploits of the hero, if there is, actually, a very tiny element of truth buried deep in the humour. Marvellous! You will not be disappointed.

Kath Long 26 January 2016 Couldn’t stop laughing! Great book, very funny and I loved it! Horatio's well-meant but disastrous home improvement ventures are graphically and amusingly detailed, whetting my appetite for the next instalment. Great Welsh humour!

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