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Coyote Crosses the Continent by Ian Cooke-Tapia

One day, when Coyote was travelling with the clouds, he saw a creature that had never stepped on this ancestral home. Kirkinchu, the Giant Armadillo, had come from somewhere far, far to the south. After failing to convince Kirkinchu to be eaten, Coyote is told of wondrous lands so different that his curiosity is engaged. Coyote sets out in search of this southern land, but Kirkinchu warns him that until he meets the King of the Vultures and sacrifices something he will never find the southern lands.

It is so that Coyote travels through the Narrow Land Bridge, meeting many animals and discovering how different this land and its strange inhabitants are.

In this series of stories by debut author, Ian Cooke-Tapia, we share his vision of a mythical, legendary world.