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Submission - Poetry


Poetry is art, and we are the framers!

We are currently open for poetry submissions to publish in 2020.
Please read the terms and conditions on this page, follow our guidelines, and submit your work for consideration.



The following serves as terms and conditions for publication, and submission of work assumes acceptance of these terms. We suggest that you print this page and retain it for your records.

  • Submissions will typically be between 45-110 pages.
  • Poetry titles are in 6"x9" format.
  • Shorter works in our Creative Portfolio Series are also promoted with the Wordcatcher Modern Poetry series.
  • The work will be released in print and ebook formats unless stated otherwise.
  • You can include Acknowledgements, Dedication, Foreword, Introduction, etc. Please supply this at the outset.
  • You can organise your poems into Chapters / Sections, or run concurrently - the choice is yours.
  • Our house style is to start poems that span more than one page on the left page, and for this reason we may move poems around slightly - let us know in advance if any poems need to remain in a certain order.
  • Titles retail up to £8.99, although work over 110 pages may be more. We will determine the selling price.
  • We may use extracts of your work to promote your book, and that of the Wordcatcher poetry range in general.
  • We will consult with you on a front cover, but the final decision is ours, and cover designs will fit into our house style.
  • We proofread your work for typos, however we anticipate that you have crafted each and every word, so we are unlikely to make word changes. We will consult with you on the degree of proofreading required.
  • Typically, we have 2-3 rounds of revisions, so when you receive a manuscript for review please read it through carefully on each instance. If revisions become excessive, we will make a charge for further edits, unless it is because of our error. We will let you know before this occurs.
  • You will have the opportunity to approve the final version.
  • This is an exclusive publishing contract - it does not assign copyright to us, only a right to publish your work

  • We only want rights for ebook and print editions, and only in English. You retain all other publishing rights. If we add other formats or languages we will approach you with an offer and add it to our agreement. Until then, we believe it's wrong to take rights for formats we don't market.

  • This agreement may limit your ability to post your work on Facebook, blogs, etc, as you need to seek confirmation from us prior to any such publication.

  • You indemnify us to any losses due to plagarism or copyright disputes. You agree that this work is original and your own. In the event of publishing work that infringes on a third party's rights, you further agree to pay Wordcatcher £150 compensation for each occurrence in addition to any damages or costs of third parties. We take copyright seriously, whoever it belongs to, and this is to disuade authors from plagarism.

  • Just to be clear, there is no charge for publishing your work in this series.

Our Schedule for Publication

  • We aim to publish twenty-four poetry titles per year.

  • Please allow 4 weeks for us to respond to your submission - after that time you are welcome to contact us to track its progress.

  • Publication day will generally be on a Wednesday, although this need not be the day you have a book launch. We are marketing Wordcatcher Wednesdays for poetry and creative portfolios.

  • The actual publication date will depend on: current workload; significant dates to tie-in with; your request for publication date; deadlines for possible submission to reviewers; and our existing release schedule.

  • It is up to you to arrange book launches/events, we do not have the resources to do this for you. We will advertise any events you notify us of.


  • Our terms are 50/50 split on net royalties received from whatever source.
  • You receive up to 40% off RRP for personal stock (no royalty is due and you can sell at any price up to the RRP).
  • We pay royalties twice per year.

Existing / Established Authors

We prioritise the review of submissions from authors we already publish as we want to build a solid collection and offer readers the oportunity to purchase more by the same author. We look favourably on submissions by authors with either self-published or previously unpublished works who are looking to publish more than one title with us. We obviously have little incentive to advertise work published elsewhere.

Previously Published Content

If any of the work your are submitting has been previously published you will need to advise us of when and where this was, so we can make a judgement on whether we want to publish it in the collection. You must have the legal right to re-publish this work with us. If there were conditions placed on prior publication we need to know what they were. Entries into competitions, for example, sometimes carry restrictions on re-publication. If you are unsure, please ask and we can discuss.


You are committing to marketing your book. We do not have a budget to market individual poetry titles, but we do put resources into building an audience for our poetry collection as a whole, and you will be expected to put effort into this as well. Marketing your book is a joint effort, and you may sell more books than we do. We want to work with authors who are committed to selling books.

    How to Submit

    • We only accept submissions using this form - please complete it carefully and as fully as possible.
    • We will reject poorly written or incomplete submissions.
    • You must submit a single MS Word document with each poem starting on a new page, and in your desired order.
    • Please separate poems using Page Breaks, not blank lines.
    • Avoid the use of Tabs.
    • Name your manuscript file in the format:
      book title v1 XX.docx
      replacing XX with your intitials
    • Email your manuscript to admin@wordcatcher.com, using the title of the book as the subject line
    • You will need to complete the Author Bio Form and Book Cover Design Form (links in menu to left). We welcome these at the same time you submit this form as it gives us more information upon which to base our decision.