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Wordcatcher Author Hub is a resource to increase your knowledge and skills. This section will grow, and it's led by the questions you ask. Chances are someone else is wondering the same as you so don't be afraid to ask questions. Just email admin@wordcatcher.com, and we'll either point you in the right direction, or set up a new page to answer your query.




Making the most of book signings and book fairs

When I had a bookshop I warmly welcomed authors as it added spice and variety and brought in sales. However, some authors abused the event, and here's a guide I put together to help you get the most from them, and stay on the right side of the organiser for the future.

Even in a small bookshop you can develop a relationship that can garner surprising results. We don't have the resources to contact every bookshop, so you need to know the best approach.

Download the Wordcatcher PDF guide here