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Attributions - Island in the City

Island in the City by Ray Noyes

Map OS six-inch series, 1892-1960 Grangetown, p.2, reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

Paget Street shops, p.4, Grangetown Local History Society

Grange Gardens, p.6, Grangetown Local History Society

Speedway programme 1951, p.8, Grangetown Local History Society

1950s Kitchen, p.9, reproduced with permission of Nick Hedges, nickhedgesphotography.co.uk

Clark’s Pie Shop, p.10, Ray Noyes

Gas lighter, Jackson Ave, Falkirk, p.11, reproduced with permission of Falkirk Community Archives

Dentist’s chair, p.13, Alamy

Bogy cart, p.15, Kiz Crosbie, 2014, www.kizcrosbie.com

Ships in dock, p.15, Ray Noyes 1907 souvenir album - opening of the Alexandra Dock

Unloading ship by hand, p.16, Ray Noyes 1907 souvenir album - opening of the Alexandra Dock

Coal tipping crane, p.16, Ray Noyes 1907 souvenir album - opening of the Alexandra Dock

Railway sidings, Splott, p.16, Ben Brooksbank

Mount Stuart Dry Docks, p.17, Ben Salter from ‘Wales – Mount Stuart Dry Docks’

Fishing on the Float timber pond, p.18, Ray Noyes 1907 souvenir album - the opening of the Alexandra Dock

BMA bicycle, p.21, Birmingham Museums Trust

Hopscotch, p.24, ‘Street Games’ - with permission from St Margaret’s, London

Tar wagons at the gas works, p.26, Grangetown Local History Society

Coalman and wagon, p.31, East Riding Archives

Furnace worker, p.36, National Archives

Tapping a furnace, p.37, Alamy

St Paul’s Church, p.38, Ray Noyes

Clive Street Baptist Chapel, p.39, Grangetown Local History Society

Harmonium, p.40, Rolf Leibold

Coke oven, p.42, Creative commons Wikimedia.org

Gas works, p.43, Grangetown Local History Society

Victorian living room, p.44, Rudi Winter, St Fagans Museum

The Forge Inn, p.45, Grangetown Local History Society

Grangetown Board School, 1884, p.51, Grangetown Local History Society

Grangetown Primary School, present day, p.53, Ray Noyes

Playing a game of marbles, p.54, Geoff Charles, ‘Aspects of Amman Valley Life, 1949’

1950s classroom, p.56, CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection

Pen, ink and ruler, p.56, Ray Noyes

Upper storey of Grangetown School from St Fagans St, p.59, Ray Noyes

A modern-day view of Grangetown School, p.69, Ray Noyes

The New First Aid in English, Angus Maciver, p.71, Ray Noyes

My father’s school class, p.75, Ray Noyes

No. 6 Tram crossing Clarence Bridge, p.76, Grangetown Local History Society

Cardiff bus ticket, p.77, Medford Willow

No. 21 Tram to Cathays, Century of Trams Exhibition, Birmingham, p.78, Elliott Brown

Delivery bicycle , p.79, Obscurasky

No. 6 Pier Head Trolley Bus, p.79, Grangetown Local History Society

Single decker town bus, p.81, Craig Murphy

Double-decker town bus, p.82, Les Chatfield

Charabanc, p.84, Oakeley Arms

Austin Seven, p.86, Ray Noyes

Ford Prefect, p.87, Ray Noyes

Primus Stove, p.88, B A Hiorth & Co

Aust Ferry, p.89, Gordon Spicer

Cardiff Docks - painting, p.91, by Lionel Walden

Marquis of Bute, p.92, Ray Noyes

Exchange, p.92, Ray Noyes, 1907 souvenir album - the opening of the Alexandra Dock

Pier Head Building, p.93, Ray Noyes

Penarth – Grangetown Subway, p.94, Wales Online archives

class railway carriage, p.97, Simon Smiler

Branch line train, p.98, Ashley Dace

Whitsun treat lorry departs Baptist Chapel, p.99, Grangetown Local History Society

Morris 8 and AA motor cycle and side car, p.101, Car by Basher Eyre

Bike by ‘p_a_h’ image

Saddle-tank engine, p.103, Trevor Rickard

Goods train in shunting yards, p.104, Ben Brooksbank

Bessemer furnace in action, p.105, Alfred T Palmer

Painting entitled Steelworks, Cardiff at night, p.106, Lionel Walden

Cardiff Central Station, p.107, Ray Noyes

Cardiff Central Station booking hall, p.107, Ray Noyes

Coal Exchange building, now the Exchange Hotel, p.110, Ray Noyes

Campbell White Funnel Fleet paddle steamer, p.113, Grangetown Local History Society

Rag and bone man, p.115, Leeds Library and Information Services

Brewery dray, p.116, Grangetown Local History Society

Delivering beer barrels from a dray, p.118, Bundesarchiv

Bomb site, p.119, Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums

Site of the Hollyman’s Bakery, p.120, Ray Noyes

Supolstery Works, Ferry Road, p.122, Grangetown Local History Society

Stable and yard, p.123, Ray Noyes

Toy gun, p.125, Jason Rogers, Hemel Hempstead

Explosive caps for toy gun, p.125, By ‘Harry20’

Allotment shed, p.127, Derek Harper

Anderson air raid shelter, p.129, Gareth Beynon

Washing machine and roller, p.132, Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, p.135, Biblioarchives, Canada

Morris Minor, p.136, By ‘Charles01’

Austin Seven, p.137, By Thomas’ Pics

Knife Grinder, p.139, Heritage Images, Picturemedia Ltd

Grocery Shop, p.140, By Wolfgang Sauber

Police panda car, p.141, By Mike Peel (www.mikepeel.net)

War time bus conductress, p.141, Ministry of Information, Photo Division, Imperial War Museum

 Plate of cooked tripe, p.144, By Charles Haynes

Tripe advertisement, p.145, Ray Noyes

Cooked pig’s head, p.145, By Jeremy Keith, Brighton and Hove

Child’s ration book, p.147, Ray Noyes

Child’s Identity Card, p.147, Ray Noyes

Queuing during rationing, p.148, Imperial War Museum

Royal Arcade, Cardiff, p.149, Ray Noyes, 1907 souvenir album - the opening of the Alexandra Dock

Sarsaparilla advert, p.150, Wellcomeimages.org

Bottles of concentrated orange juice for young infants, p.151, Pat Cryer, webmaster of the 1900s Wartime Healthcare for Children web site

Preaching by the Salvation Army, p.155, State Library of New South Wales

Cardiff City Hall at Christmas, p.159, Stephen Elwyn Roddick

John Noyes, p.165, Ray Noyes

Agnes Noyes, p.166, Ray Noyes

James Howells building, p.167, Ray Noyes

Iron monger’s shop, p.168, Jean-Pol Grandmont

Site of Marments shop, p.171, Ray Noyes

Penhevad Street Coronation party, p.175, Ray Noyes

Betterware salesman, p.176, Betterware Co Ltd

Lifebuoy Soap, p.177, Wellcomeimages.org

Miscellaneous products of the era, p.178, Phil Sangwell from the Bygones Museum, Babcoombe

Dubbin, p.178, Petaholmes

Stove blacking, p.179, State Library of Queensland

Flit fly spray pump, p.179, Bullenwachter

GPO Telegram motorbike, p.186, Kim Traynor

Pianola piano, p.188, Wikimedia Commons

Snow drift, p.193, Wales Online, History of Wales

Paraffin heater, p.194, Bradford on Avon Museum

Washing the steps, p.197, Nick Hedges, nickhedgesphotographycouk