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COMING IN 2019 - Redemption - Terry McGuire (7)

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DCI Terry McGuire is believed to have died in a terrible fall into a flooded ravine. A terrorist attack on a London bus and an MP shot dead in the streets appears to be the work of a fundamentalist group hell-bent on bringing the capital to its knees. But a top secret security briefing document suggests an even more sinister plot is being played out. When two South Wales police officers discover the document, one is killed and the other becomes a target.

Gavin Millner returns from Basra suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, having lost his friends on a routine patrol. Unable to cope with life at home, Gavin finds himself living rough on the streets until he's persuaded to seek help at The Haven rehabilitation centre in Rest Bay. When another homeless man disappears, leaving his beloved dog behind, and the body of a homeless woman is found brutally murdered on the beach, the patients at the home become suspects in what appears to be the evil work of a serial killer. But there is an even darker secret in The Haven.

Could Terry have survived his fall?
Is there a connection between the terror attacks and someone from Terry's past?
Is the murder of the woman linked to the missing man and, if so, what are they hiding at The Haven?
How does everything link together?

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