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COMING IN 2019 - Angel of Death - Terry McGuire (4)

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When the adopted daughter of a friend and colleague claims shes been raped by one of her patients, DCI Terry McGuire is determined to secure a conviction against the perpetrator. However, when the suspect is attacked and brutally mutilated, McGuire begins to smell a rat.

Two children of the leader of a local Traveller community disappear but without any leads, the hunt for the children goes cold. Meanwhile, could the sudden death of a wealthy racehorse owner and the decapitated body of a young man discovered in a refrigerated unit at Swansea docks be connected? Is the discovery of some ancient gold coins the motive behind the gruesome murder or is the evil hand of an Indian drug Lord reaching across continents to wreak havoc in the valleys of south Wales?

Terry McGuire faces the most challenging cases of his career, challenges that could demand the ultimate sacrifice.

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