Neil M. C. Sinclair

Afro-Celtic author Neil M. C. Sinclair is a native son of the Tiger Bay community, the oldest multi-ethnic community in Wales, and a well-respected local historian who has written extensively on the history of his unique hometown. Although he spent several years in the United States, this absence served only to intensify his interest in his roots. Particularly since his birthplace experienced a complete transformation during the early 1960s, his desire to record for posterity to the best of his ability the true essence of life lived in his community is his life-long ambition.

He graduated with a Masters’ Degree from the University of California at Los Angeles and gained his Bachelors’ Degree from the same university at Berkeley.

Since his return to Cardiff at the beginning of the 1990s, he has written The Tiger Bay Story, The Cardiff Bay Experience, Endangered Tiger – A Community Under Threat, Voodoo Detective, A True Story, A Nightmare In Yemen, co-authored with Razaz Mohamedand the play Tiger Bay Moonshadows. In addition he produced a video entitled A Stroll Through Tiger Bay that was the culmination of a decade-long series of history walks and is now available for view on YouTube, as is his narration of the short animated film Tiger Bay Nation. Negotiating with the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation to sponsor these walks, he was able to offer them to the general public free of charge. The Open University had also recorded his history walk and regularly aired this programme on television. He also appears in the documentary Wales Untold and in the BBC News Website’s #towerlives: Rise of towers and fall of Tiger Bay.

As a recognized source of information on the life and times of the community of Tiger Bay, he is often seen in the media discussing his favourite subject.

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