Mixed Feelings - A True Story

Lis McDermott
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Not your average love story…

In an age where people increasingly worry about their looks, age and being socially accepted, read the story of Lis and Conrad.

Twelve years apart in age and growing up with very different social, cultural and educational backgrounds, Lis and Conrad meet on the dance floors of Cheltenham. On paper they should have nothing in common…

Despite their disparate experiences, they find they have a lot in common, they enjoy each other’s company, and they fall in love. Their relationship faces a tide of disapproval, racism and ignorance from all sides, from loved ones to strangers. Most come to see their errors of judgement, but others do not, and are left at the wayside.

Mixed Feelings is an unusual and lively story, challenging society’s fixed ideas and helping forge a way for the next generation.


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Edward Barham - Langley Burrell, Wiltshire, UK SN15 4LF
Mixed Feelings is a well told, uplifting true story for our still conflicted, polarised times. The ‘parallel lives’ format works really well and the lists of background historical events for each decade give intriguing pointers to how the individual worlds of Lis and Conrad are distantly affected. Because this is a tale about cultures and how inner strength and quiet conviction stand higher than the petty but very real barriers we seem to throw up to deal with difference. Read Mixed Feelings and be refreshed in that old truth that love does indeed conquer all, not by heroic struggle but by the equally courageous strategy of reducing prejudice to its true size. Lis and Conrad’s story show us how much better and more dignified our world could be, and they are very brave to have shared it with us.
Lyn - Amazon
This s a story of two lives and how they wind through the world until they come together into a true love story. A delightfully easy read with an inspiring message that love can cross the divide of age and race. Highly recommended
Abbie - Amazon
What a wonderful and inspiring book. A modern day Romeo and Juliet! The honest and open account of two people who fell in love and defied any prejudices. I loved the historical time lines alongside the authors own recollections which added even more interest. And the way the author writes, it feels like she is sat next to you, telling you about their lives. A lovely way to spend my morning, with a cup of tea and this charming book
Edward - Amazon
A brave and uplifting book. The ‘parallel lives’ and background events formats work very well in giving pointers to how cultural barriers try to deal with difference. Read Mixed Feelings and be refreshed in that old truth that love conquers all through the inner strength and deep conviction that shrinks the world’s prejudice to its true size. Lis and Conrad's story is one of quiet courage and real human dignity - still the best way to overcome the ignorance that sought to separate two such admirable and inspiring people.
Amazon Customer - Amazon
Lis McDermott is a very brave lady, writing so candidly about her and Conrad's lives and about all the ups and downs of their improbable relationship. I enjoyed the book immensely as it flows naturally through the years detailing events in their lives and their hopes and fears. I like the way that at the beginning of each decade Lis lists world events. Although most don't impinge directly on their story it gives the reader a sense of the way the world was at that time. Call me just plain nosey, but I really liked reading the personal content of this book. On a more serious note, this book makes us question societies’ assumptions and prejudices. Cupid’s arrow has none of these!
Mary - Amazon
A beautiful book, beautifully written. I loved this book. Easy to read and an ideal read over a cuppa. A book about true love and how two soul mates found each other. Their life stories intertwine throughout the book leading to the moment they met, fell in love and then the consequent struggles and prejudices they faced because of colour and age difference. A book full of hope and joy, their love shines through each page. Bravely written and I like the historical view at the beginning of each decade. A lot of research there. A book which proves that love conquers all and has no boundary whatsoever. This book would make a lovely stocking filler - but make sure you read it first.
Hilary Faulkner - Amazon
A very warm and uplifting book, showing how love conquers all. Despite being where we are now in 2018 there is still so much discrimination against mixed marriages which is so ridiculous. This book shows the bravery of Lis and Conrad and their strength to ride the ups and downs of family and friends differing opinions. A great read, I couldn't put it down. Well priced and would make an excellent Christmas stocking filler.
Sue - Wiltshire
Wow! I've just finished the book and couldn't put it down. I loved it, and felt very emotional in parts. It's lovely to read of the wonderful loving bond between Lis and Conrad. I also loved the historical reminders of happenings in the decades.

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