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Survival Guide for New Parents

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The knowledge contained in this book will give every new parent the confidence and ability to enjoy the early days and weeks of your newborn, and explain how to give appropriate care to your baby or babies. 

This book is written based upon my years of practice as a midwife. My 13 years as a maternity nurse, living with families on a 24 hour basis for weeks or several months has given me a deep understanding of the knowledge and information that new parents need. Babies have needs that change daily and professionals dont always have the time to spend with parents. This book reassuringly fills that gap.

In addition to my practical experience and knowledge, all the information contained in my book is research based with some opinions from experts, with guidelines and safety issues of the World Health Association, UNICEF, National Childbirth Trust and Lullaby Trust, (formerly Foundation for the study of Sudden Infant Death).

This book is unique in that there are chapters on Breastfeeding, Formula feeding, Twins, Siblings and Pets, that are not normally found in a book of this nature.

I have lived in the homes of 63 new-born babies and their parents, apart from over 30 years of my hospital and community involvement with the newborns and their families.

By understanding your babys needs, and giving the love and attention in the early days and weeks, they will feel secure and become very contented, making life much easier for their parents.

This book is suitable reading for the general reader or an academic, as all the information is evidence based and informative, and also written in an easy read format for the general reader. It is an invaluable source of reference and knowledge for parents, grandparents, and carers, and could be used as a text book for students of nursing, nursery nursing, or any person working with newborn babies.

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MALISSA APSION from LONDON. Maureen is a “one in a million” maternity nurse and by far the most experienced, kind and supportive person we could have ever hoped for to help us care for our darling baby girl, Lily, who was born 5 weeks early by emergency Caesarian. Maureen arrived with us when Lily was 1 week old (I had been in hospital for the first 5 days). We had specifically requested a Maternity nurse who had the rare qualities of also being a midwife and with pre-term experience. We soon discovered that we could not have been more fortunate in having Maureen help us. We have never met anyone who seemed to understand babies so well. Maureen has a wealth of experience and in addition to her years working as a midwife has also held senior nursing positions in neo-natal units and intensive care. Therefore, she could not be better equipped medically to look after babies and new mothers (particularly those who have had complicated births or Caesarians). In addition, she is a mother and grandmother and, therefore, instinctively understands and empathizes with mothers and babies’ needs on emotive levels too. Thanks to Maureen’s gentle and dedicated approach Lily is a very content baby. Through her wisdom, sense of humour and kindness Maureen empowered me as a mother and helped me truly understand and enjoy motherhood in a deeper and more confident way, for which I am extremely grateful.

Virginie from . 5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars 13 November 2017 Format: Paperback Very good book to re-assure you through the first steps of parenthood.

G.Waklin from . Amazon Customer 5.0 out of 5 starsThis is an excellent little book 3 November 2017 Format: Paperback This is an excellent little book.Written with great attention to detail, it is essential reading for anyone involved in the care of babies. G. Wakelin. SRN SCM [ Re't ] 3 November 2017 Format: Paperback

Cherine & Nabil Aboulzelof from London. Maureen had been recommended by very close friends of mine, and my husband and I were indeed very happy and grateful to have her the first month our baby came home: Her approach is very much baby-led. Given that our son was a special case having been born at 27 weeks and spent 3 months in hospital with stomach complications and two serious surgeries, we were fairly anxious about his home-coming and how things would be once out of the hospital. With Maureen with us, Gabriel adapted very smoothly to being home. Maureen was a very reassuring and good guidance for all his cares (feeding, bathing, sleeping, medicine etc) for his first month at home. Gabriel is now on a very good schedule for him, feeds very well and is already sleeping 8-10 hrs a night at 8 weeks of age (equivalent). I truly believe that this was the result of the time spent with Maureen establishing his feeding and sleeping pattern with us, and making him feel very secure in his home environment. We cannot recommend her highly enough and should we have another child, Maureen will be our first call! Cherine Aboulzelof

Emmanuelle Dotezac Court from London. My daughter was very distressed before Maureen arrived and screamed 3 hours per day. Thanks to Maureen outstanding understanding, knowledge and love of babies, my daughter stopped crying three days after Maureen was there and slept through the night. Maureen approach is very natural and respectful of the baby and the mother. She follows the natural sleep/eating pattern of babies and thanks to her wonderful approach my daughter slept twelve hours per night at 11 weeks. Ever since Maureen arrived, my daughter is nothing but smiles and bubbling. Maureen ethic and standard of work are very high and her experience is very strong. She is familiar with any situations thanks to her experience in hospital and as a maternity nurse. Furthermore, she carries on research and constantly updates her knowledge of babies. At home she has always been discreet and respectful of the family and has been helpful in our day-to-day life. She would always explain me what to do with my baby daughter so that I felt confident when I was on my own with my daughter. We will miss Maureen a lot and we have asked her to come and visit us on a regular basis. There is no word to say how Maureen is fantastic, thrust wordy, intelligent, loving with babies, knowledgeable, respectful. She just was able to help us change our little baby from a distressed baby to a very happy and bubbly baby!! We would highly recommend Maureen; she is the best thing that can happen to a young family.

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