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The Adventures of Dixon Vole, Woodland Detective

Mark Hume-Jones

Lightning Source POD



Meet the cleverest animal in Mill Wood, Dixon Vole the Woodland Detective. Join Dixon and his trusty assistant, Sweeney Squirrel, as they investigate mysteries throughout Mill Wood, and along the banks of the River Windswift. In Dixon and Sweeney's first case, Hootie the owl is hosting a barn dance. The dance is going brilliantly, until the arrival of a hare named Hendricks - who plays electric guitar - causes some trouble. Dixon and Sweeney call upon the Squirrel Squad, and their pal Lemmy Badger, to help. The second mystery begins when Hopperton Rabbit, who is exploring the wood with his friend Woodville the wood pigeon, lands himself in danger. A wicked witch of Mill Wood, Clarissa Cauldron, is up to no good. Can Dixon Vole and Sweeney Squirrel save the day again?


Product Format: Paperback

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