Mark Hume-Jones

Mark Jones was taught how to write a television script by Gerry Anderson, the legendary producer of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, UFO and other world famous sci-fi television series. Mark worked with Anderson in the early 1980s during the production of Terrahawks, negotiating promotional and licensing agreements. Mark co-wrote and co-produced his first television pilot, Starwatch in 1984, which featured Doctor Who and Worzel Gummidge star, Jon Pertwee.

Over the years he has been involved in many television projects producing the pilot of Odd Adventures, which despite being for young children, employed high production values, the special effects and model work being undertaken by the team that had worked on the feature films Alien, Flash Gordon and Outland. This was followed by Scott Saunders In Outer Space with Sir Patrick Moore, The Twitchies, Merlin’s Memories and Crudney & Co, to name but a few.

Mark followed a career in marketing and advertising during which he wrote hundreds of creative proposals in answer to client briefs and pitched these ideas in boardrooms across the UK and across a variety of industries.

Mark is passionate about music and has contributed to the Guinness and Virgin Encyclopaedias of Popular Music. He is also a television historian and penned a best selling book on the hundreds of film and television locations in the area that is now referred to as Midsomer Murders country – the Chilterns and Thames Valley.

A recent project has seen Mark create Time to Sleep Stories. These are short audio stories for children specifically designed to help them relax at bedtime. The charming tales use simple breathing techniques which, when combined with a child’s imagination, can have an astonishingly calming effect on lively young minds. April 2019 will see these audio stories available to a worldwide audience via the launch of a new App whilst each story will be published by Wordcatcher in an on-going series to complement the audio tales.

Mark has recently completed work on two Doctor Who related books, Lethbridge-Stewart ‘United in Blood’ and the Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book. Two new children’s books, Captain Cutlass And His Rocket Ship’ and The Adventures of Dixon Vole: Woodland Detective have recently been completed and will be published by Wordcatcher in the coming months. Both stories have already received interest form TV companies seeking to develop them into animation series.

As a busy writer, Mark is always working on new scripts and stories. He is currently developing two pilot TV sitcoms, a new sci-fi series, L.O.N.D.O.N. (influenced by his work with Gerry Anderson) and re-visiting Sir Patrick Moore’s Scott Saunders character for a new series of books.
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