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The Julia Legacy

M. K. Jones

Lightning Source POD



After receiving an unexpected inheritance of jewellery, including a rare 'spoon ring', Zelah agrees to go to Cornwall to find out more about its history. She knows she may have to face discovering her own closely-guarded family history. Reluctant to dig up her past at first, she gathers the courage to find out where she comes from and who she really is. So, in the middle of a glorious summer, the Maze Investigations team takes a month off and heads to Cornwall. Staying in a beautiful, unique house on the edge of a cliff above the sea, Maggie, Nick, and Zelah begin an investigation of a very personal nature. However, they soon find that the story of the ring and the other items are shrouded in theft, betrayal and murder. And something unexplained.


Product Format: Paperback

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