M. K. Jones

M.K. Jones, author of Maze Investigations series

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M K Jones - Mary - was born in South Wales, but moved around the UK and Europe, as a student, then a Teacher, a short stint as a holiday rep in Austria, then an HR manager, before settling near Conwy in North Wales where she now lives close to her two grown up children.

Her passion for genealogy began when her mother first began to research her own Irish immigrant family. Mary helped out with the on line researching and became hooked. She now undertakes research projects for friends and family. The idea for a genealogy mystery novel came about on a train journey between London and South Wales after a particularly boring HR meeting. That idea became Three Times Removed.

Having recently discovered via a DNA test that she is 66% Celt, Mary is currently in touch with a number of relatives that she didn't know she had, in the UK and the US and is researching her own Irish ancestry as well as writing book three in the Maze Investigations series. She is a member of the Society of Genealogists and her own local FH society.

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