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Headshot Diva (Budget B&W Edition)

Lis McDermott

Wordcatcher Publishing




How can a photo of you affect your bottom line?

Simple. People make snap judgments about who you are, and what you represent, from this image.

Does your profile photo sell you, and your business, in the right way? In this book you will discover the Top 10 Tips for a great business headshot, and also youll get to see the things people do wrong. Could that be you too? Are you inadvertently putting people off (and losing sales), because your photo doesnt encourage potential clients to call?

Anyone in business can benefit from the advice and tips in this book. With the increasing reliance on social media channels to communicate with clients, suppliers and prospects, its more crucial than ever for you to have a consistent, high quality set of images that truly reflects your character and personality - and allows people to connect with you with confidence.

This book is written for professional business people who want to understand how their profile can affect their bottom line. Its for anyone who uses portrait images for:

  • Annual report to shareholders
  • Business reports
  • Facebook profile
  • Leaflets
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Marketing materials
  • Pinterest profile
  • Press releases
  • Social media
  • Twitter profile
  • YouTube channel
  • or any other online or offline purpose where your face matters!

This is the B&W Edition.

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