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Changing Lives

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Changing Lives is a heart-warming collection of stories about the way that life changes - unexpectedly at times - and how we, in response, change ourselves and how we view the world. These touching stories entertain whilst moving us with their insight into human experience, dealing with such varied emotions as loneliness, grief, loss of identity, and romance. Happy, sad, often poignant, these observant stories will leave you feeling thought-provoked and inspired.

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Amazon - Alison from . I loved this book. I like reading however, I rarely have time to finish a novel. This book was ideal for me! The stories themselves were so good. I will be purchasing more copies as Christmas presents for friends and family. I hope that this is the first of many short story books by Lis!

AMAZON - Mary from . I really enjoyed this book, despite not being a fan of 'short story' books. The individual stories tap realistically into peoples lives with true insight into human nature. It is ideal to pick up and read over a cuppa for a real hygge feeling. Can't wait for the next volume Lis? I recommend this book to a wide audience of readers - there is something for everyone in this book. Great read!

Amazon - Miss T A Morris from . The first story captured my heart and the others are just as fantastic

Amazon - Susan from . I really enjoyed reading these short stories. They are easy to read and have an interesting twist at the end. I'm looking forward to the next eight.

Amazon - Madeleine Corley from . I enjoyed these short stories. Ideal for when you're not sure what you feel like reading. Lis' stories are easy to get into and leave you wanting to know more about the characters she's created.

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