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A Tilted View - A Collection of Poetry

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'A Tilted View is a collection of poems, some funny, some thoughtful, based on my view of the world and issues that are important to me.
Some poems I wrote between the ages of 18 and 21, as a music student in the 70s. The others were written this year, 2018. I very much enjoyed writing them and I hope you enjoy reading them.'

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Edward from Wiltshire. A Tilted View contains all the reasons why people should read poetry. Every page is full of cogent observation and original insights; always adding new steps to that old dance of words. And Lis really speaks to you. Her verses remain accessible and her haiku carry strength and depth wrapped in the calm dignity of their origins. If poetry - up till now - hasn't been your cup of tea, then treat yourself to A Tilted View. Taste it slowly and be uplifted and refreshed.

Abbie from Swindon. OK, have sat and read this (with wine and chocolate - well it is nearly Christmas!). I love it! I've laughed, cried happy tears, cried sad tears and felt frustration. From 'what should a spouse look like?' which still makes me feel crap about being single from the time I heard you read it out loud, to the giggles about 'in the dog house'. Lis McDermott, you are a brilliant lady and I heard every one of these words said in your voice (obviously in my head, as you aren't in my front room!). Thank you for sharing this x

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