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Happy Yes, Stressed No The Easy Way to a Stress-Free Life, No Matter How Busy You Are

Laurence Cohen

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This book offers a unique philosophy that is a world away from traditional muscle-busting gyms or exercise classes that go for ‘the burn’. Our goals are easily summed up by two mottos: "unwind body and mind" and "empower body and mind". We believe that for most of us to get fit or stay fit – both mentally and physically – we don’t need to go to gyms or aerobics or dance classes. We're not saying don’t go to them – if you enjoy them that’s great. But most people who take the plunge and join do not enjoy them, and the drop-out rate is high. Health clubs make a lot of money from people who join, pay their signing up fees and their monthly subs, and don’t go. Madness. For the majority of us, ‘fit’ means keeping our body as flexible as possible, especially as we get older. We have reasonably strong muscles. We can breathe without gasping for breath when we carry out a little extra work. We know how to relax – properly. We can keep our stress under control. We are able to take a positive attitude towards our lives. And, finally, sensible but enjoyable eating. We will show you simple ways to achieve all of these objectives. What’s more, they will be easy to learn and action. You will enjoy them – honestly. And you will be able to incorporate them into your daily life – no matter how busy you might be.


Product Format: Paperback

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