Laura Bagnall

Illustrator for the Timothy's Torch series.

Laura played at being an artist when she was a teenager, experimenting with acrylics on canvas, painting
along with the legendary Bob Ross, but she put the brushes aside to instead train as a pharmacy
technician. After thirteen years working for the NHS and never having the time or energy to play, Laura
fell ill and had to give up her job. At a desperate time, house bound and in a lot of pain, Laura sought a distraction... and found her art supplies. Painting became meditative and therapeutic for her, and she spent three years using art to see her through.

Today, Laura runs two businesses of her own; one being her beloved Valdark Illustrations.
She was born and raised in the Cardiff and Vale area and married her husband, Stephen, in 2014.
At some point Laura would love to do a bungee jump.

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