Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy was born in Cardiff in the sixties when the Space Race and lunar landings were front-page news. Kevin believes that however many advances science has made and the answers it has given, it has never given a satisfactory answer to what it is to be human. This spurred him to study philosophy, religion, and languages, gaining degrees in philosophy and German. His thirst for knowledge continued as his studies moved into other areas.

It was during his education in Aikido as a means of self-awareness, rather than self-defence, that convinced Kevin that one of the key areas of life is balance. His study of languages has led him to believe that humans are designed to communicate with each other and internally – something that, in a media-fuelled world, we have lost sight of.

Kevin is a practical man. He believes that a truth, however profound, is useless if it cannot be applied to daily life. This belief was formed following two decades of his regular job: driving trains. It’s a job he also performed for the British Army part-time in Germany. The balance of practical application with sound reasoning is the key principle Kevin brings to the collaboration with Laurence Cohen.