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Keri Moriarty

Keri Moriarty

About the author

Keri Moriarty first pursued Creative Writing as a hobby and later, in academia, achieving a BA in English Studies where her dissertation was used as an example of American writing and a 2:1 on a Masters degree in the subject. Keri has had her 10-minute comedy Culture performed by a group funded by The National Theatre of Wales and had a short stint as a comedian, performing her first gig at the Dylan Thomas Fringe Festival.Once her degree was over, she embarked on the launching of Bunbury Magazine, an arts and literature online publication and was, with her husband, a co-director of the company. Bunbury was shortlisted in the Sabateur Awards nominations for two years running (2016/2017). Bunbury Magazine came to an end in 2019.

In the past, Keri has also interviewed such talented individuals as Micheal R. Perry, writer of the hit Hollywood film, The Voices, starring Ryan Reynolds, as well as comedians such as Phil Jupitus and Christian Reilly.In Bury, Greater Manchester, she organised a spoken word and performance evening called Just Write Speaks and, co-hosting with her husband, introduced both seasoned and new performers to the stage. The night drew some of the best talent such as Christopher Bowles, Genevive L. Walsh, David Subacchi, Bróccán Tyzack-Carlin and Kieren King.As a Performance poet, she has spoken at numerous spoken word evenings across Wales and the North West of England.

Keri is 5ft of pure fury, a tea drinker, word lover, and sarcasm enthusiast.



Keri Moriarty


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