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Ghosts Treading Water

Karen Little

Lightning Source POD



Ghosts Treading Water is the third book in the Spanish Spectres series. The story is set a decade after Filled with Ghosts and Ghost Train Leaving. Miguel is about to be released from prison, an event his ex-lover Diana and children are blissfully unaware of. His daughter Heena struggling with son Otto's strange medical problems, believes she deserves the same opportunities as her highly successful mother, who abandoned Heena to pursue a career as a sculptor. When Heena's partner Francisco inherits the hellish chicken farm he ran away from, she convinces him they should move from the city to his village, so she can achieve her literary ambitions by writing books. The decision has tragic consequences for all the family, as once again suspicions and passions are aroused, and ghosts come back to haunt and uncover uncomfortable truths.


Product Format: Paperback

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