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Ghost Train Leaving

Karen Little

Lightning Source POD



Ghost Train Leaving is the second book in the Spanish Spectres series. The story continues to unfold violent events that transpired in Filled with Ghosts.  Pilar wants to gather all the family for Christmas Dinner, convinced she won't make it to the next one. Her guest list includes her son Miguel, Diana, witness to his previous crime, and object of his passion and threats, granddaughter Heena, and Miguel's ex-wife Catalina, who has been dead for several years. Aaron and Ashish arrive at Miguel's villa hoping to find Heena, and their friend Tila, recently released from a psychiatric hospital into Miguel's care. When a police car pulls up shortly afterwards, Miguel thinks they have come to arrest him, and takes off with Tila, who is unwell and confused.. Unexpected encounters and events on the midnight train to Madrid change Miguel's plans. Will his criminal past catch up with him at last?


Product Format: Paperback

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