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Why Shoot David Thomas? The Mysterious Murder of Lord Windsor's Carpenter

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A scream shatters the silence

A shot rings out

David Thomas is dead

But what happened? And who committed this gruesome crime? John F. Wake takes us through the events of that fateful night, examining the evidence, the rumours and the suspects.

This is a fascinating case of Victorian crime and it caught the imagination of the public at the time. Scores of people were arrested as suspects all over Britain. The air was rife with rumour, a new theory was expounded everyday and the newspapers printed it all. It was sensational, even before a young London Clairvoyant became involved.

John explores all aspects of the case and tests the veracity of the many theories, some harebrained but others more plausible. He also raises questions about the police work done at the time. Many of the clues were actually uncovered by journalists. Did the police follow up all the leads? Did they have something to hide?

And what is the truth?

Will we find justice for David Thomas?

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