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The Mermaid of Cardigan Bay (The Diary of Patrick Lennon)

John F. Wake

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There are times when we hear a story that is so compelling it makes us question our beliefs. This is one such tale, told to me by a sailor of high local repute, and integrity of character. It was recounted with such conviction that it etched itself into my brain, and I was compelled to write it down so it would not be lost to the waves forever. This is the story of Patrick Lennon, passed on by him as best he can remember given the ravages of time and obsession on his mind. Born in the 19th Century, he made his living forging across the perilous Irish Sea between Cork and Cardigan Bay, These times spawned many a tale of mermaids some were devils, and some were saviours. In Patrick Lennon’s case he fell in love, and that was his downfall.


Product Format: Paperback

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