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COMING SOON - '...And Tiger Bay Died Too' - The Final Years of Cardiff City Police

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An informal look into life on the streets for a Cardiff Police Officer at a time less encumbered by red tape and political correctness. John F. Wake brings 1960s Cardiff to life.

Policing was about paperwork, directing traffic, chasing suspects and breaking up bar fights with nothing but a truncheon, but it was also about providing a service to the community and building relationships between a beat cop and his locals to keep their community safe.

With extensive interviews and anecdotes, John shows us the trials faced by a newly uniformed officer, the long shifts for little pay and the hard work that went into policing without technology. Patrolling Tiger Bay was not for the fainthearted.

Alongside the murders and robberies, prostitution and drunkenness, there were a lot of ordinary people going about their lives. John highlights the sense of community and camaraderie the police shared with the majority of the local inhabitants Something that was lost with the demise of Tiger Bay.

"John Wake worked the streets of Cardiff for many years as a Welsh policeman and he looks out at the world from a face that had taken a few punches. Back then, in the 1960s the beat cop was the law, working without radio or supervision, and his domain was known as Tiger Bay. Since then, almost everything has changed, including Mr Wake!"

New York Times

John was a detective officer for two decades in Cardiff and South Wales. His first police station posting was Bute Street (Tiger Bay) where he ultimately witnessed the area's destruction. His books reflect the cruel and hard times in Cardiff throughout the centuries. Numerous Cardiff streets are featured, many long gone, and the lifestyles of their characters probed, past murders are examined from outset to the court appearances and sometimes to the gallows. Injustice is a theme which runs through several of the story lines, especially in regard to the criminal misconduct of the poor.

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