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Sense Africa with Jenny Bowen

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Experience southern Africa with all your senses.

Beautiful photo-book from talented, amateur photographer Jenny Bowen, featuring her travels in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Kingdom of Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Jenny runs Sense Africa, a travel organisation which creates tailor-made safaris and adventure holidays, taking you off the beaten track in these incredible countries.



Select Edition: Paperback Edition (292mmx292mm)

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Michela Butler from . So I had to pick up a mysterious package from the post office today but quickly realised what it must be when I saw it was from a publishing company. I was ripping the box open in traffic as I couldn’t wait until I got home! It is so lovely Jenny and the diversity of the photos perfectly sum up the varied aspects of Africa. I will really treasure it. I had to smile at the opening pages of birds, especially the very first one of the Hammerkop as I saw my first one of those on my recent trip to Kenya. The photo of the goshawk is particularly stunning. To be fair, it’s difficult to single any of them out though and they all evoke such strong feelings.

Peter Williams from . Your fabulous book arrived yesterday. The photographs are superb (did you really take them all?!) and it brought back many happy memories of our truly amazing trip to Namibia.

Lesley King from . This book so reignited our memories of a good trip to Africa.

Sandra and Neil Harrison from . This is a very beautiful book and the photos are amazing. It also makes us want to return to Africa!

Terry and Vicky Andrews from . Over time, you have certainly gathered a really comprehensive study of animals in that part of the world. It is very impressive. I keep passing your name to anyone who hints at intention to travel to Africa; hopefully you’ll get some business there. We were only this weekend reminiscing, of the trip we did with you, with Vicky’s sister who was a teacher at the International school there for some years. She has fond memories of Swazi as do we! Now your book helps to reinforce.

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