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African Adventure Wildlife Photography

Jenny Bowen

Lightning Source POD



After graduating as an ecologist from Leeds University I got my first job in Africa, and little did I know the impact this would have on my life. As the permanent ecologist for Raleigh International in Zimbabwe I set up numerous conservation projects, managed hundreds of volunteers, tracked black rhino, and learnt how to survive in the bush. I quickly fell in love with the continent, and over the years Africa has frequently provided restoration for my soul. This was also where I became an avid amateur photographer of all things African. I have spent many happy years working across Africa; as a leader and guide; for a game capture unit in South Africa; and setting up conservation and community projects in Swaziland. I now represent the Kingdom of Swaziland in the UK, as well as giving expert advice to travellers to southern Africa. This experience and passion for Africa – its people, cultures, landscape, and wildlife – led me to create my own business, Sense Africa. I now help people to have their own African Adventure and to sense it for themselves. I hope that you enjoy this snippet of Africa through my camera.


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