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The Wheel and Other Stories

James Morgan-Jones

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A widower entombs the voice of his dead wife in an antique walking stick – but will it be enough to silence her? When the life of a vulnerable woman is struck by calamity, nemesis looms for a would-be lothario at the local veterinary surgery – can anyone emerge unscathed from the aftershock? In rural West Wales, a farmer’s wife develops a disturbing infatuation with a derelict parsonage, which seems somehow connected to the fates of her unborn children. Crossing boundaries of period (the Welsh valleys of the 1940s via a post war East End to the present day), and exploring a range of style and mood from black comedy to domestic tragedy, ‘The Wheel’ embraces reflections on the nature of loss, the haunting burden of childhood trauma and much more besides. If you enjoy variety in a short story volume, this book is for you.


Product Format: Paperback

Customer Reviews (3)


M Evans from Amazon. A collection of superb short stories, with plenty of twists and turns. This book has kept me company for several weeks now, as it is my ‘car’ book - while being a parent-taxi, I always keep a book in the car. The Wheel and Other Stories has not disappointed. The stories are engrossing and stay in your head - as the previous reviewer said about poor Lilian, I felt the same about poor Gwenni. Right from the first story (the totally breath-taking Amber Walking Stick) I was hooked.

Annie Lewis, from Amazon. Wonderful stories, memorable characters. Having read James Morgan-Jones's books so far in the Glasswater Quintet series - and loved them - I was keen to read his book of short stories. I was not disappointed. He has the ability somehow to immediately suck you into each place and time with his rich descriptions and wonderfully memorable characters. Perfect for holiday reading as time will just slip away as you get immersed in these peoples' lives. If you love Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected, you will love these. For me, I will never forget poor sad Lillian as she is now often in my thoughts. A great collection of short stories, I can't recommend them enough!

Fleur Edwards from Amazon. Imaginative, captivating and well worth the read.

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