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These Strange Wetlands

Ian Cooke-Tapia

Lightning Source POD



Coyote has fallen from the clouds, the he realm he once knew like his own mind. He is now in a strange land of green and water. He is hungry and very lost. He wanders a land that is too wet; teeming with life and trees bigger than any shrub he had ever seen in his life. Here he meets with an old Peccary that invites him to his village nestled in the mountains. He promises to take care of Coyote, but warns that he can first he must attend the making of masks and the harvest. Only when those are done, can they all eat. Coyote has never had to wait for his food, so why start now? As he explores the village, he tries to steal some food. But the Peccary are clever and watch him closely. They would suspect a stranger. But would they suspect a danger they thought tamed and caged? Of course, no one would be malicious enough to release the Pigs that Eat Everything into the wild. But Coyote is so very hungry.


Product Format: Paperback

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