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The Narrow Land Bridge

Ian Cooke-Tapia

Lightning Source POD



For causing the destruction of the Boruca village, Coyote is banished and cursed. Hungry, ignorant, and ashamed, Coyote wanders up and down the mountains until he makes his way to sandy shores. There, he meets Leatherback Turtle; her shell, it is mighty, and the sight makes Coyote so very happy. Could it be that clever Coyote somehow snuck past and reached the Southern Continent? Coyote soon realises that he has only just crossed into the Narrow Land Bridge, a land he doesn’t know. A land that he must learn from or meet his demise. Leatherback Turtle bargains with Coyote, sending him to the high mountains where he can meet those who will help him survive. That is, if he gives a little back and starts considering that he might not know everything. A lesson he must learn, for in the mountains you can get poisoned, lost, and even captured by the territorial Curassow. Will Coyote be able to win the game of Balseria and escape the Curassow? And if he does, will he be able to find his way down the mountains?


Product Format: Paperback

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