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Opposing Forces

Ian Cooke-Tapia

Lightning Source POD



As Coyote peacefully wanders through a ruin that might or might not have been there, he feels ever closer to meeting the King of the Vultures. Soon his journey is interrupted when a group of Orange-headed Lizards surround him. Calling him Bushdog they welcome him as a saviour to their problem. The Orange-headed Lizards are about to go to war with the Pale Lizards, the strangers from across the ocean who came and took their land and now mistreat them at every opportunity. Coyote goes along with this, wanting nothing but to be fed and taken care of for a while. But soon, Coyote will have to produce results. And playing both sides is not the best way to find peace between peoples with too much bad blood between them. How can Coyote trick these Lizards to find peace?


Product Format: Paperback

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