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Falling from the Clouds How Coyote Realised His World Was Smaller Than He Thought

Ian Cooke-Tapia

Lightning Source POD



Coyote knew everything there is to know about his homeland. From the sea to the east, to the ocean to the west; it is all known to him. He know the desert and the plains and the spires. Coyote knew too how to get any creature and the land itself do what he wanted and believe it was their idea. One day, as Coyote walked the clouds in search for food, he noticed a creature he had never seen before. Meeting Khirkinchu, the Giant Armadillo, made Coyote realise that the world he knew was small indeed. And that just can’t do! He is Coyote, and he should know everything there is to know about the world. Full of curiosity and energy, Coyote set out in search of the southern land. Yet Kirkinchu warns him that he will never reach them unless he meets the King of the Vultures.


Product Format: Paperback

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