Ian Cooke-Tapia

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My personal work takes place where often dissimilar themes are place together to produce a conversation. I have always had an interest for the Other and what people often don't talk about.

I have always had an interest for the Other and what is not often talked about, in how everything has a magic to it, if you explain it just so, and that a lot of things exist because very different concepts were put together. Can the medieval manuscript find a home among Pre-Columbian art? Such questions come after the act of creation of pieces that, if not trying to tell a story that is, in essence, a result of such a crossroad, then are a combination of different skills. Multidisciplinarity is at the heart of my work; every new piece is a challenge not to be solved singularly by one approach, but by turning it in the light to see its many facets and find the best skill that would render it real. Storytelling, drawing, painting, animation, sculpture, design... are all skills that, at one time or another, could serve to make an idea real and relevant to someone.

As a commercial artist, I provide bespoke artistic services to clients. These often take the form of short fiction, illustrations in response to written material, tattoos, installations, books, murals and animation. More recently I've started to offer visual note-taking and reportage illustrations services as to produce bespoke records and content for clients.

I've done work for Cardiff Metropolitan University's Centre for Entrepreneurship, The Cardiff Review literary magazine, No Fit State Circus's 30th Anniversary Exhibition, as well as personal commissions to individual clients.