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Ghosts of Memories - A collection of poetry

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This collection is in two parts: poetry in prose and poetry in verse. 

Husna Zeb crafts each piece with elegant use of the English language to tell stories in miniature, and evoke a range of feelings.

From love and relationships, to matters of the world, this is a wide-ranging collection from an exciting new voice.

Poetry in Prose
Learn to familiarise to it 2
In hindsight, I shouldve seen the bigger picture 3
So, remember me 4
Ode to Wilde 5
Reminiscing 6
I know my worth 7
Lessons learned from Icarus 8
Man is condemned to be free (Jean-Paul Sartre) 9
Discussions on love 10
Lets play pretend 11
(In)Finite 12
Farida 13
The dark hours 14
H.M. 15
Ill get over it someday 16
Distraction 17
Dear melancholy 18
To be free, truly free 19

Poetry in Verse
Haiku one 21
Time 22
Haiku two 23
It is time to raise our sons and daughters the same 24
Do not feel entitled 25
This isnt it 26
Your beauty exists in my art 27
I stumble over my words 28
Itll be over soon 29
Memories from Eros 30
Garden of Freyja 31
City life 32
It turned sour 33
Haiku three 34
Times up 35
If youd ask me to 36
Panic 37
Love poem 38
Words 39
Bliss 40
Voices 41
Happy 42

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