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Dr Liz Walder

Dr Liz Walder

About the author

Liz Walder MA PhD FRSA MCIPR is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Trinity St David, Swansea within the Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Engineering. She has previously worked at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in London, and also at the Welsh School of Architecture at the University of Cardiff. Dr Walder is also a member of the activist architectural group, REBELARCHITETTE, based in Italy.

Dr Walder’s ongoing research is about the history and awarding of international architectural prizes. Her publications include authored essays in every annual RIBA publication about The Royal Gold Medal, 2006-2012; History, Design & Legacy, her PhD thesis about the gold medal of the RIBA, published in 2019; and Going for Gold: looking at the gender imbalance of recipients of major architectural awards and prizes, a conference paper, published in 2018.

Liz also has a dog named after the architect Edwin Lutyens.

Dr Walder has spoken at length about the lack of women winning the big prizes in architecture, and seeks, through education and raising awareness, and research and knowledge to change this statistic. Liz has spoken at a range of international conferences on the issue including MoMoWo - Women’s Creativity Since the Modern Movement: Toward a New Perception and Reception in Turin, Italy in 2018; the All-Ireland Architecture Research Group conference in Cork, Ireland in 2016; and the Second International Conference on Architecture and Gender in Lisbon, Portugal in 2015. As a postgraduate research student, Liz was lucky enough to speak at the Architectural Humanities Research Association Annual Student Symposium twice: once in the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Lund University, Sweden in 2013, and previously at the School of Architecture and the Visual Arts, University of East London in 2007.

From her employed work at the RIBA and her research work across the globe, Liz maintains a wide network of contacts with architectural practice including business networks, architectural history groups, and women in architecture online forums. Dr Walder has also been quoted in a number of architectural magazines and journals, including the Architects’ Journal in 2018, and is an active participant online in a range of arenas and forums. She is also a confident and competent public speaker, as demonstrated by her impressive conference record, and also opened the Ainsley Gommon Architects' exhibition in Newport, Wales in June 2010; and the Stylistic Dead Ends Conference, at St John’s College Oxford, UK, in June 2013.

Dr Walder was a Juror for the UK National Housing Awards from 2007-12, and accompanied over 100 RIBA Awards juries on visits to shortlisted schemes from 2000-12. She estimates that she has visited over 800 new buildings and worn out a lot of shoes.



Dr Liz Walder